Confessions of a hoarder

Hello Friends,

I’ve been quietly working away over the last few months at trying to get rid of some of our clutter.  I know it’s a major problem holding us back.

I’d like to make my bedroom more of an oasis of calm rather than a dumping ground, and I’ve been spending half an hour or so now and then going through a drawer or a cupboard or an underbed box.  A fair bit of ‘stuff’ has already gone to the charity shop.

Last week I had a bit of an ‘aha’ moment when I was looking through a drawer for some walking socks.  My drawers and cupboards contain loads of stuff I’m just not using.  The problem is, when I need something, I have to go through all the other stuff first.  So I began to look properly at what’s in the drawers and ask myself exactly what I need.

This different approach seems to be working better.  I realised that I didn’t need 4 green pillow cases that haven’t been used in years – I have more than enough so they’ve gone in the charity shop bag.  I emptied out the bottom drawer of a chest of drawers which contain a lot of warm clothing – and I mean a lot.

I discovered I had 10 pairs of thick black tights.  Why do I need all these when I rarely wear skirts?  5 pairs went straight in the charity shop bag, along with a pair of walking socks which I never wear because the ankle elastic is too tight.  Why had I kept them?  They just annoyed me whenever I opened the drawer.

I now have a drawer where I can see everything I need and reach it easily.  Just the rest of the house to go…

Have you ended up with multiple items without realising it?

Until next time, Tawney x


Confessions of a hoarder — 2 Comments

  1. I have a LOT of stuff which belonged to my mother – and somehow I just can NOT get rid of it. I can hear her saying “it might come in useful some day”. She was the generation that went through the war – come to that so am I – and it seemed foolish to get rid of things. However, having read your piece Tawney, I have made up my mind to get ride of STUFF. The first things to go are some pillowcases that need ironing, though they are good cotton and might be useful………xx

  2. I have lots of clothes that will fit me again one day!

    I have had them for years and I know that even if I did fit into them they would be completely out of fashion anyway. As they are in a spare wardrobe I don’t really see them so therefore its as though it doesn’t matter but I know the space could be used in a much better way.