Cutting the grocery bill

Hello Friends,

I was just filling out my spreadsheet for this week’s spending with a week to go to when we are paid, and I noticed something very interesting.  I have spent almost £100 less on groceries than usual, cutting our spend by a third.

How has this happened?  I think it’s a combination of things: first, I have made a point of doing one big shop when we get paid.  I’ve thought about what we will need throughout the month and made sure it went on the list, even if I wouldn’t need it for a couple of weeks.

Second, I’ve bought the largest size of item I can manage to store at home.  This has meant that I’ve saved money as the unit price has been less.

Third, I’ve planned all the meals we’re going to eat for at least two weeks ahead.  This has been done in combination with the fortnightly veg box delivery on which all the meals are based.  I have been cooking larger quantities and freezing meals.

All this has meant that I’ve stayed out of the supermarkets, only buying things like milk and butter the rest of the time.  I’m sure the more often you go into a supermarket, the more likely you are to end up buying something extra.

Have you ever made a big cut in your grocery budget?  How did you manage it?

Until next time, Tawneyx

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