The only way is up

Hello Friends,

I seem to be writing a lot about saving energy at the moment.  This is because energy costs seem to be gobbling up more and more of our income.

A couple of days ago we had a letter from our energy company.  They are no longer able to ‘protect’ us from rising prices and electricity prices will go up from mid January.  They are also changing the basis of charging.  A standing charge is to be introduced of around £100 per year, so we will end up paying that no matter how much energy we save.  The unit cost has been reduced.  I did a quick calculation based on the bill we had for the last quarter.  This rise means we would have paid £66 more – and that was for the late summer/early autumn quarter.

I have thought about switching.  We could probably save a bit, but I am reluctant to allow these big energy companies access to my bank account via direct debits.  My mother ended up building up a surplus and it took her months to get a refund.  I don’t see why they should earn interest on my money.

I won’t be giving up – we’ll just have to find more creative ways to save money.  On the plus side, the little oil filled radiator we bought for OH’s office is only using 1.5 to 2 units per day, and the gas central heating is remaining off during the day, even on the cold days we’ve had recently.

Are you being faced with an energy price rise in the new year?  Are you thinking of switching suppliers?

Until next time, Tawney x


The only way is up — 3 Comments

  1. Tawney, I really do encourage you to use the comparison sites to find a better deal. Go through ‘Quidco’ first, to get cashback and savings. Direct debits are safe and if the energy company seem to want too high a monthly payment, ARGUE! It’s your money and you set the payments. Doing it online means it’s cheaper and the best deals are those which guarantee no price rises for the next 12 months/15 months.
    If you need more information on Quidco (I’ve saved £129 since I joined eight months ago) do ask. 😉

    • Hi Eloise, I think I will give it a go – I’ve also been told today about something our local council is doing. They’re encouraging people to register their interest so that they can get a bulk energy deal which will be cheaper. I don’t quite understand how it works, but there’s no commitment so I might as well register.

  2. I admit I have been doing a bit of a head in the sand job with it. I am still pretty frugal with my use of energy, but part of me thinks I should probably be scouting around for better deals. The thing is I can’t face the argument that arises that I really do use as little as I say. The new energy company always wants to put me on a higher tarrif because they seem to think that even a low user uses double what I use.