Free food

Hello Friends,

Today was my free food shopping day.  Every year I save up all my vouchers from the Co-op and Nectar points from Sainsburys and then I ‘buy’ as much of my food and groceries for January as I can.  I prefer my free food to be the run of the mill groceries – it would be easy to spend the points on ‘treats’ at this time of the year.  We’ve just been paid and won’t be paid again until January 25th, so it’s a long month.

I had a total of £24 in Co-op vouchers with another £2 voucher I received earlier in the week to use if I spent over £20.  I had £35 saved up on my Nectar card, so taken together this made up almost half my grocery bill.  I am sticking with doing one large shop a month and trying to stay out of the supermarkets as this seems to save me money.

Do you save your vouchers for a time in the year to get free food when you need them most?  Or do you use them throughout the year?

Until next time, Tawney x


Free food — 2 Comments

  1. My Nectar points will pay for January food – the lean month financially. This year though I have been very frugal, have stayed away from silly things and hopefully the presents I give will be consumed or used. Being sensible does tend to be rather boring though!xxx

  2. I tend to use mine for treats – the odd cookery book, Christmas decorations that are in the sale, that sort of thing.