Making a Christmas meal plan

Hello Friends,

Every year I always try to plan what we are going to eat when over the Christmas holiday.  Having a Christmas meal plan seems to make everything easier.

This evening I’ve cooked a fish pie that I will heat up after work tomorrow for all of us.  On Christmas Day three of us will have roast beef while Bee has a veggie roast.  On Christmas morning I will make a sticky toffee pudding.  We don’t do the whole traditional turkey thing – OH doesn’t like turkey, and none of us are that keen on Christmas pudding.

On Boxing Day we’ll have soup for lunch and then cold meat and salad for tea.  We don’t go overboard on buying food for Christmas.  I’ve really cut back over the last few years, there’s no point in wasting food.

Do you plan your Christmas meals?  Do you do a traditional Christmas or do you do your own thing?

Until next time, Tawney x

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