Finding a bargain cookery book

Hello Friends,

I have found some great bargains in charity shops, most often when I’m not really looking for anything in particular.

I’ve really got into cooking in the last couple of years.  I don’t believe in buying books just to have them sit around looking nice on shelves.  I have a number of good cookery books I use all the time and a few others I dip into occasionally, but they are all used.  I often borrow books from the library to try recipes in them.  If I really like a book, I will sometimes buy it, (as I did with the River Cottage Veg book) but I keep my cook book collection limited to a certain amount of space on my kitchen dresser so it doesn’t get out of hand.  I’ve also found that I can usually find recipes online if there is something that my books don’t cater for.

This week I found this in charity shop for £2.50.

IMGP3300I have a couple of other Jamie Oliver books and all the recipes I’ve tried have worked really well.  It was too good a bargain to miss – it’s in perfect condition and I wouldn’t have bought it new when it cost £20.  Having glanced through it, I suspect it has never been used.  I’m looking forward to making some of the dishes when the Christmas holidays are over and things have calmed down a bit.

Do you hunt for cookery books in second hand or charity shops?  Or do you use recipes off the internet?

Until next time, Tawney x


Finding a bargain cookery book — 2 Comments

  1. I have a couple of cookery books I use lots, a Good Housekeeping one from the 60’s, a student/frugal one, a Middle Eastern and one all about grains. For all other recipes from library books, magazines or from the internet I write the recipe onto a postcard and keep it in a photo album. It works well for me as if the recipe doesn’t work I can turn the postcard over and use it for a new recipe, the pages are wipeable and I can change the book as much as I like.

  2. I am a real sucker for cookery books. I have far, far too many and only use one or two of them. I can sit and look through them for hours on end.

    Like you, I often borrow them from the library before I buy them – just to make sure I really do want them.

    My favourites are ones that I never, ever use. They were left to me by a great aunt and are wonderful. Many have old war time recipes in them but the best one out of them all is a lovely book that she wrote herself. It has all the family favourite recipes in as well as “Mrs Simmons from No 5’s blackberry jam” recipes and the like.

    And the Good Housekeeping Cookery Companion (still in its original box) is just so Fanny Craddock!!