Planning for chaos

Hello Friends,

Bee and I took Edie down to Heathrow today to fly to Canada.  We got back to Derbyshire mid afternoon, and I just flopped down with a cup of tea.  I have to confess to being less frugal than usual over the last 12 days, and I’ve realised this is because I simply didn’t plan for the chaos that would occur with a ‘year abroad’ student being at home between countries and Christmas coinciding.

How did this manifest itself?  I wrote yesterday about the out of control clutter, but on the financial side, although I had a budget I kept to for Christmas presents and food, there are lots of other little things that added up.

My lowest point was last Friday night.  I took Edie to buy a decent pair of waterproof snow boots (you may have heard in the news about the record snow fall in Montreal a few days ago – that’s where she will land in a few hours time).  The boots she bought in Russia had fallen apart and it was going to cost more to mend them than she originally paid for them.  The mistake I made was going shopping on a Friday night after work, and getting increasingly tired and hungry.  I started out with good intentions of cooking tea when I got home, but then I found myself drifting into the supermarket before we came home, picking up a pizza, some coleslaw and potato salad and realising I had spent £7 on a tea I could have made myself from scratch.

With a bit of planning and forethought, I could have avoided this and several other panic spending moments.  I have a way to go on my frugal journey, but this is a lesson I’ve now learned – I do have to plan for chaos and have something to fall back on, such as a home made pizza in the freezer.

What sort of situations throw you off course from being frugal?

Until next time, Tawney x


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  1. Oops! I just realised that Frugal Queen is listed as one of the blogs you follow. She’s brilliant, isn’t she?

  2. My Slow Cooker is in regular use and I eat one portion and freeze the rest in 1-portion containers, therefore always having a ready meal available for chaotic moments.
    To help enormously with frugality, Google “Frugal Queen” – she writes THE most informative and honest Blog about living a frugal life. I am reading it right from the beginning in 2009. So inspiring and motivating.

  3. I find myself doing the same thing if we are in town late. My best defense against it is to put something on in the slow cooker…even if I don’t cook a whole meal (like stew) in it I feel better knowing that when I get home all I have to do is make side dishes.