Mending small appliances again

Hello Friends,

OH is good at mending things – he fixed the oven a few months back when the motor failed and today he is sorting out mending another small appliance.

He’s had his electric shaver for 20 years having bought it when we were on the way to a friend’s wedding.  The motor had finally failed.  He had the idea of buying a new motor and fitting it – the only problem is that he would have to wait for several days for the new motor and he isn’t keen on growing a beard.  At first we couldn’t find his even older battery shaver so we had a look in town this morning for a new shaver.  The cheapest we could find was just under £40.

OH decided he wanted to go home and have another look for the battery shaver.  Luckily it turned up, and he’s now ordered a new motor for the electric shaver.  The cost? £20.

So we have saved ourselves some money and we are extending the life of an appliance.  It will be interesting to see how many more years the shaver lasts.

What is your longest running small appliance?

Until next time, Tawney x

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