Tobogganing on Frugal Hill – maybe not such a good idea

Hello Friends,

Bee’s school was closed yesterday due to heavy snowfall during the rush hour.  She was delighted to have a ‘snow day’ and went out tobogganing on Frugal Hill – this turned out not to be such a good idea.

When I got home, Bee was complaining that she’d fallen off the sledge and hurt her hand.  She and her friends decided to sledge down an incredibly steep and rock strewn footpath opposite our house.  “Ow ow ow – but it was great fun” she kept saying.  Luckily, she had bashed her right hand (she’s left handed) – she could still move everything, and although she’s got a nasty bruise, nothing is broken.

I couldn’t help thinking about the financial and other consequences if Bee had really hurt her hand and they made me feel decidly queasy.  Apart from not wanting her to have broken anything, she’s sitting an A level exam tomorrow, so to be in plaster would not have been good, even if she’s left handed.  Also, she goes skiing in 3 weeks – I’ve always saved something every month for the girls to go on school trips, and I could see a year of savings rapidly disappearing.

I’m really hoping we don’t have any more snow before Bee finishes her exams and goes skiing – I’ve had enough scares for now.

Have you ever done anything mad that has had not so good financial consequences?

Until next time, Tawney x

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