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Hello Friends,

I’ve got the job of organising the birthday cards at work this year.  Everyone chips in £2, and then then we all sign a card for the person whose birthday it is.  It’s really nice to receive a card signed by all your colleagues – I love reading all the funny comments everyone makes.

I collected up all the £2s and off I went to buy all the cards last week.  I’m being very organised about it, I have a birthday list, a chart for people to tick their names off when they have signed it and a stack of cards in my bottom drawer at work.

The thing that struck me when I was looking for cards is how expensive they are now.  It’s actually quite hard to buy a nice card for £2 – most are at least £2.50.  I did seriously think about buying a stack of art materials and making 24 cards.  In the end I chose not to – I know I haven’t quite got the time to do this right now.  I did make all our Christmas cards a couple of years ago.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it was quite time consuming.

Have you found a good source of greetings cards?  Or do you make them?

Until next time, Tawney x


Frugal cards — 7 Comments

  1. I have tried to be creative in the “greeting card” department. Sometimes I buy Ideal Magazines at thrift stores when I see them in good shape – often for $.25! I also have a stash of decorative dishes that have birthday or friendship wishes on them. I found 3 recently – 6″ in diameter – each for a quarter, also. I use these in place of cards.

  2. I agree totally. Cards are very expensive in South Australia too. Sometimes costing as much as a small gift.

  3. Hello! I saw your blog on Rhonda’s Weekend Reading at Down To Earth – I am looking forward to exploring your posts!

    My mum makes her own cards by using photos she takes of flowers in the garden and sticking them on colour-matching card. They are always beautiful and everyone loves receiving them as they are so personal.

    Kirsten x

  4. I tend to make cards. I either get blank cards (10 for around $3.50) and depending on the time I have, i will make fancy cards, or simple cards such as a cut-out fabric shape, such as a cupcake, a chicken, a heart etc, and glue it on. I might add a bow or some ribbons or ric-rac. If it is a card that a lot of people will sign, i use a piece if A4 cardboard folded in half and decorated. This gives more room for signatures.

  5. You should be ablevto get them at the £ shop! Buy a bunch and have them ready…I really don’t care if I get a card from co workers….

  6. Phoenix Trading cards are lovely – £1.50 each or £1.20 each when buying on bulk (10 or more assorted cards).
    Not in the shops – direct sales (like Avon etc) so you need to find a trader. I’m one, and sell online -see website, but if you would prefer to find someone local to you, google Phoenix trading and HQ will put you in touch with someone. it might be cheaper still to make your own but I have no artistic ability!!