The rise of charity shop shopping

Hello Friends,

I went to our nearest city today.  I don’t really do retail therapy, but occasionally I have a number of errands I’ve saved up and I try and get everything done in one go.

First I spent some M & S vouchers we’d had for Christmas on some new shirts for OH.  He doesn’t do retail therapy either, and both of us tend to wear things into the ground.  The collars on quite a few of his shirts have frayed, and he does have to look a little bit presentable when he goes into the office every couple of weeks.  I’m planning to use the fabric from the rest of his shirts to make into some new throws for our sofas.

Having spent the vouchers, I had a bit of time before the train back, so I did a quick tour of the charity shops.  They were heaving – so many people are looking for bargains.  I have to say I’ve noticed the same thing in our little town.  The charity shops are busier than everywhere else.  They seemed to be a little more expensive in the city than locally – in one shop I found a Jamie Oliver cook book for £10!  A couple of weeks ago I bought one for £2.50.

I love having a rummage in charity shops – sometimes I go for months without finding anything, and then I find some real treasures.

What has been your best recent find in a charity shop?

Until next time, Tawney x


The rise of charity shop shopping — 5 Comments

  1. I don’t visit charity shops all that often these days but I spotted something I had been looking for on Friday. I wanted an earthenware footwarmer to use as a hot water bottle for my rabbits and there it was right in the window! I can’t say it was a bargain but it was a price I was prepared to pay so I’m happy!

  2. I can’t resist the books, hard as I try, so my recent charity shop wander saw me bring home 3 more titles. BUT, I found a lovely, smart red jacket in my size and having recently got rid of a red jacket that I loved because it was too large (!) I was thrilled to find a replacement. I’ve already worn it for a meal out and it felt good.
    I also bought a new metal colander (old-fashioned in this age of plastic but looking brand spanking new) and I love it. Bargain at 40p.
    There was a small pile of magazines – Country Living, 25 Beautiful Homes, House Beautiful – at 20p each. ‘blush’ I paid out another £1.60 and have hours of happy reading ahead.

  3. I needed some new clothes recently and decided to only buy in charity shops. I got a pair of brand new (still had tags) jeans, another pair of jeans, a skirt, two jumpers, a T shirt and a lovely scarf for the grand total of £34.

    A lot of my clothes are from charity shops now. I think my best purchase was a lovely cardigan, brand new condition, with a velvet ribbon and beaded trim for £3. And a denim jacket for £3.50. I find the smaller charity shops are better value – the larger, better known charities tend to be quite pricey now.

  4. I have noticed charity shops are becoming ‘cool’ to shop in around Sydney. A lot of that has to do with increasing utility and food prices putting a strain on family finances. There was a news item not long ago from a charity shop manager who has noticed an increase of so called “prosperous” customers in the shops, and it is now no longer unusual to see expensive cars parked outside charity shops while the owners are browsing within. My most recent finds have been crochet cotton (for making dishcloths) and large yards of fabric for clothes making. It is exciting when you come across a “find”, its just like Christmas!

  5. I had a good find this week actually, it was a beautiful gardening book, thick and glossy, a Royal horticultural society one for £2. Was dead chuffed with it.