Cheap rail fares for the disorganised

Hello Friends,

I’ve posted before about different ways of saving money on train fares.  This week my disorganisation nearly (excuse the pun) de-railed me and could have cost me a lot of money.  However, there is still a cheap-ish way of buying tickets for the disorganised.

Bee has an offer from Cardiff University to do geology and is going there tomorrow for a visit.  I thought she was visiting Leicester, which is closer, but in fact is going there next Saturday.  Because of this, I didn’t think to try and book an advance fare on the train.  In fact, having looked ahead, advance fares aren’t available for very early journeys, so we would be stuck anyway.

We went on the internet and found that the fare was £94 as she is travelling early – ouch.  With a 16-25 railcard, this came down to £62, still a lot of money.  So we started looking at splitting tickets.  We saved £10 between home and Birmingham by splitting the journey half way and another £10 by splitting the journey again at Birmingham and Cheltenham.  Bee has a whole stack of tickets, but will stay on the same train throughout – as long as the train calls at the stations you have booked between, this is ok.

What has been your best train ticket splitting deal?

Until next time, Tawney x

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