Internet deliveries

Hello Friends,

We use the internet for shopping a fair bit.  Living in the country, it’s cheaper to get an internet delivery than to do a 40 mile round trip to the nearest city.

Usually it works ok, but when it doesn’t it’s a nightmare.  I know I live in the back of beyond, on a single track road with a 1:4 hill so you won’t get a long wheel base transit right up to my house, you’ll have to get out and walk the last 20 yards.  I know we’ve had quite a lot of snow recently, but other countries cope.

A few weeks ago I ordered a swimming costume which Bee was supposed to be taking on holiday with her.  Despatched on 16th January,  the delivery company’s last update showed it as ‘out for delivery’ on 23rd January and nothing later.  On 28th January I followed it up.  Full marks to River Island customer service who tracked it down (a problem with the delivery company) and arranged for it to be delivered 24 hours later, refunding my delivery charge.

We’ve just cancelled an order for some speakers we ordered for Bee for her 18th Birthday.  On this occasion, we waited and waited and then found out that the delivery company had just sent them back to the warehouse.  They tried again with another delivery company – another week’s wait, no sign of the speakers, so we’ve cancelled the order.

This hasn’t taken the record yet – that went to a set of headphones which were ordered on next day delivery – they turned up 3 weeks later.

Sometimes trying to save money turns out to be very frustrating.  Do you prefer to try and save money by shopping online, or have you given up with trying to get things delivered?

Until next time, Tawney x


Internet deliveries — 2 Comments

  1. Uggggg. I have just requested a refund from a company for an item I bought online as it did not turn up. It is frustrating. I have had enough bad experiences now that I now hesitate on buying things online, especially eBay. This is all good though, as I have been saving money as a result, and as I debate whether or not to risk buying it, I now usually work out that I can live without the item!