Simple life – do things in a different order

Hello Friends,

Occasionally I have a lightbulb moment, and I realise I’ve been stuck in rut, doing daily tasks in a way which doesn’t support my goal of creating a simple life.

This week, I’ve done a couple of small things differently.  First, one of my work colleagues told me how she makes her family’s sandwiches in the evening.  For a family of four, she lays out all the sandwiches in a line, and then goes along the line buttering and filling them.  In the morning she and her family just pick up their sandwiches and off they go, out the door.

I’m sure a lot of you are much more organised than me, so you will be doing this already.  I’ve started making our sandwiches in the evening while our tea is cooking, and it’s like a whole load of stress has dropped off.  In the morning, I don’t have to rush, I’m not creating a whole load of washing up and it’s one less thing to think about.  Why didn’t I get it earlier?

The second thing I’ve done is look at when I put the rubbish out.  Our rubbish and recycling gets collected early on Tuesday morning.  Up until now, I’ve been adding to my early morning stress by taking out the rubbish at 6.30 am – and not just taking it out.  I’ve been running round the house collecting all the bins, collecting the recycling and putting it all into the different containers, and finally emptying the food waste into the caddy.

Yesterday I did all this as soon as I got home from work.  Another job done, and one less thing to stress about this morning.

I seem to be getting there slowly.  Which small changes have you made to your routines which have made a big difference to your life?

Until next time, Tawney x


Simple life – do things in a different order — 5 Comments

  1. I make sandwiches for the next day after dinner, I also prepare the next days dinner in the eve and sit the veggies in water so I can just turn it all on when I get in. If I know what time I’m leaving work then my son will turn the cooker on if I leave instructions with time on .
    I set out our clothes the eve before so can just grab and head into the shower no thought/faffing required!

      • Oh yes I also put a load of washing on in the eve then I can put it on the line in the morning if I have five mins- this is always easier on a nice morning as I find it easier to get out of bed lol

  2. I make sandwiches in the evening too ready for the next day – it is far too much of a rush to do it in the morning.

    My rubbish also goes out the night before and I tend to put the recycling in the bins/bags throughout the week so there isn’t generally a last minute dash to gather it all together.

    I sort school clothes, work clothes, etc out the night before so there is no rushing around in the morning. Girls school bags have to be packed for the next day before they go to bed and PE kits/swimming kits are got out and hung on bedroom doors ready to go in the morning.

    I also plan what we are having for dinner the next day and get ingredients out of the freezer and if I know that the following day is going to be a really busy one I often get all the veg ready the night before as that saves me a job when I get in from work.

  3. In the evening – 1. Put a tray with the breakfast things on it ready for the morning. 2. Clean undies etc. on the radiator in the bathroom – lovely in the morning. 3. I keep the linen basket in the downstairs loo -very near the washing machine, easy to keep an eye on and see when a load has accumulated. I bung that in usually before breakfast but I expect you would prefer the evening – but I do remember how stressful early mornings were.

    I think what you are doing is called “lateral thinking” and it is all to the good.