Working less and living more

Hello Friends,

I read an interesting article at the weekend about an experiment in a number of American states where a 4 day week was introduced.  The 40 hour weeks was still worked, but the hours were compressed into 4 days.  Among other benefits, it led to a cut in energy bills and improved employee wellbeing reflected in lower absenteeism.

We hear a lot about how we should all be working harder and until we are much older.  I don’t believe this at all.  I think the key to living a much richer life is learning to be content with less.  If you need less, you don’t need to work as much or you can choose when you work.

There are a lot of pressures out there – advertising tells us we need this or that object, peer pressure tells us we have to keep up with the Joneses.  It’s tough to resist these pressures – I know, I’ve been there, thinking that everything has to be perfect.

One or two things have happened recently and I’m letting go of more of the things I’ve been spending on.  I want to stop full time working for somebody else well before I’m 66.  That doesn’t mean that I won’t do something else, just that I’d rather be in control of what I’m doing.

Have you managed to work less and live more?  Or are you aiming towards this goal?

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Working less and living more — 3 Comments

  1. Hi!

    I am a housewife which for someone without children is very unusual in my circle. It works really well for us because there’s less stress. Over tha past couple of years there have been lots of cuts where DH works so his workload has gone up and up. he spends lots of time working at the weekend and in the evenings just to keep up, like lots of people. So the fact that I’m at home really helps as if DH has a day off we can just go and have fun rather than trying to work it to get days off together. I’m not out working evenings and weekends like I used to. I can take care of house stuff so we don’t have to clog up our weekends working.

    It’s not working less and living more but it reduces stress so we can make more of our fun time.

    • I had 10 years off work when the girls were little – we were skint and lived on baked beans, but, as you say, being at home means everyone is less rushed. I’ve probably gone too far on the work front now, so I’m looking at ways of pulling back.