What to do in thirty minutes

Hello Friends,

I’ve got a list of jobs around the home as long as my arm at the moment.  I walk round the house and various things nag at me.  Today I decided I would just spend thirty minutes on one of the niggly jobs.

The patio outside our kitchen has been winding me up for weeks.  The grape vine grew very quickly last year, and it’s everywhere, so much so, that when I opened the back door I had to cut my way through it.  I set to pruning it, and clearing up the dead leaves and bits of wood.

Next I cut back the rambling rose and then put the mini greenhouse back together.  I had a quick general tidy up and found a rosemary plant that had blown down the steps.  I re-potted it and that was my thirty minutes up.

IMGP3344Having done my chores, I was able to go out on my bike this afternoon for the first time this year.

Breaking tasks down and setting myself a time limit that I’m going to work on them seems to work for me.  How do you get the niggly tasks done?

Until next time, Tawney x


What to do in thirty minutes — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Tawny, sorry this comment is out of sync, I hope you find it1 I’ve just found your blog and am enjoying working through your archive. This post has really given me pause; I am having a bit of a time of it with organising my time/home/self at the moment, and have publicly put myself on the line on my blog re getting my stuff together. If it’s ok with you I shall mention your ‘thirty minutes’ in my next post, and start using those short blocks of time to attack the huge ‘thing’ in small bites.

    Great post, and am about to click on the ‘follow’ so I get regular updates.