Spring cleaning the vegetable plot

Hello Friends,

I decided to take advantage of the sun and milder weather today and start spring cleaning the vegetable plot.  This was another job I had been putting off, but I split it down into mini tasks, making sure I did one thing at a time.

My first job was to sort out the greenhouse.  I had meant to take it down in the autumn.  It stood up to most of the winter weather until the last lot of snow.  A huge slab of snow fell off the garage roof and squashed it.  I didn’t think I would be able to save anything – the poles were buckled.  I crawled inside and managed to bend a few poles back and tape them up with duck tape.

Next I cleared two of the raised beds and refilled them with compost from last year’s pots and growbags.  All this just took a couple of hours, and I’m really pleased I’ve managed to save the greenhouse.  It will last me this year, although I think I will probably have to invest in a new one next year.

I found some purple sprouting brocoli in one of the beds – there’s probably about enough for a mouthful, but I’ve learned a lot from my attempts at growing this year.  This evening I’m going to plan what I’m going to grow.

IMGP3345Have you been out on your vegetable plot yet?  What are you planning to grow this year?

Until next time, Tawney x


Spring cleaning the vegetable plot — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Tawney, I was reading through the last few posts as I missed some! I have no garden & am selling my house, and moving… and will be trying to downsize and reconfigure my life. So, I will be please to kind of live a bit vicariously through your garden, among others on different blogs 🙂 But that bit that you said about making changes in your own life after a few things had happened… roughly paraphrased! …struck a chord in me. I too want to be able to live a life. And funny, I hadn’t heard of any states here making a 4day work week, how nice. But my field is healthcare, a WHOLE other kettle of worms & one requiring 24/7 etc… BUT, I am still hoping to find something part-time, live with less, consume/require less, save more and be able to LIVE and enjoy my living. We really only have one lovely life… so time to really make the most of it. I have never really tried to keep up with the Joneses per se, but there is a definite pressure to have a job, work until you retire etc… and I would like a job that lets me have time to live. It would be nice to have health insurance too, but that may or may not happen. Depends on if I can find a part-time job that offers it. Affordable insurance that isn’t connected to a job, doesn’t really exist here – but I keep hoping!! 🙂

    Anyway…. back to my uncluttering 🙂 have a lovely week! Lynne

  2. I have spent most of the afternoon at the allotment – it was lovely and I was very pleased to see that it wasn’t in as bad a shape as I expected.

    I tied in all my raspberry canes, pulled out the last of the brassica’s (nothing edible on them at all – although I did manage to salvage a few leeks)and dug a small amount of the plot over. I decided to do it in small chunks to make it feel more manageable.

    I have to sit and decide what we are going to grow this year – but one thing I do know is that we will be planting mainly plug plants. I know that seeds are so much cheaper but our polytunnel suffered in the snow and we just don’t have the time yet to sort it out. So, rather than stress about getting seeds in in time, I am just going to go with plug plants to start off with. Then by mid to late Spring the polytunnel will be ready for the bean seeds, etc to go in.