Storecupboard update

Hello Friends,

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how I’d carried out an audit of my storecupboard and had worked out all the meals I could make without buying anything other than a few fresh items.  I wanted to use things up.

I’m managing to keep going with this – tonight we had wraps filled with stir fry quorn chicken, green pepper and onions.  I used up some very ripe tomatoes to make salsa and with a bit of salad this made a very satisfying supper.

As I’ve gone through the last two weeks I’ve found that my attitude to avoiding waste and making sure I use things up has changed in a number of areas.  I am using up my collection of pens at work – I probably don’t need any more biros for the next two years.  I’ve found a sock mine in the washing basket, so we won’t need any more of those for a while.  I’ve dug out all the soaps, shower gels and bubble baths I’ve been given as presents and these will all be used up.

What have you got loads of that you are using up? (If that makes sense!)

Until next time, Tawney x


Storecupboard update — 3 Comments

  1. On a roll myself at the moment, thanks in part to your blog and others like it. All contents of both freezers sorted, labelled (some surprises here!) and written in book and on dry-wipe boards kept by freezer(s). Menu planning to use up what we have either in freezer or larder – also cleared out, tidied but not written up as I felt this was a step too far.
    Now buying only the fresh things we need for each meal, eggs, cheese, veggies. Back to making my own bread. Fingers crossed this becomes a long term habit, not a flash in the (frying) pan. Shall be following your posts with great interest.

  2. We seem to have a lot of stuff in the freezer at the minute so we’re eating our way through that, nice to have a break from cooking. Plus I’ve been able to buy a couple of luxuries we’ve not had for a while because we’ve not needed to spend much on the regular stuff *yay*.

  3. Meat. We have far too much meat in the freezer. We still have some of our own pork and also have rather a lot of a whole lamb (we tend to buy meat “in bulk” rather than in small amounts.

    But I am still very guilty of buying meat from the butchers because I forget what we have in the freezer.

    I am determined to buy no more meat (other than minced beef) until all the meat in the freezers has gone. Which could prove challenging when an awful lot of it is pigeon, venison and other game!!! The joys of being friends with a gamekeeper!!!!!