De-cluttering the paper mountain

Hello Friends,

I’ve had an extra day of work this weekend, and I’m trying to get through the clutter again.

On Friday I tackled the lounge.  It had really got out of control – there were piles of paper everywhere.  I went through everything and ended up with a massive pile of recycling and stuff to shred.  I also found a couple of important documents which had been missing for a while and I’ve now put them away safely.

There's going to be a lot of recylcing to be collected on Tuesday

There’s going to be a lot of recylcing to be collected on Tuesday

This afternoon I tackled our bedroom.  I’ve sorted out two bags of books and clothes to go to the charity shop, and a big bag of rags which includes the old sofa covers and lots of old holey socks.  It has been quite tough.  I’ve had to force myself to make decisions about whether to keep things or throw them away and I’ve found this a bit stressy.  After a couple of hours, the floor and most of the surfaces were clear, and I can see everything in my wardrobe.  I still have a long, long way to go.

The next step will be to move several items of furniture out of the bedroom which don’t belong there: an old bedside chest of Bee’s, an old book case and a filing cabinet which have just ended up in the room because there is nowhere else for them to go.  That will be a job for next weekend I think.

What do you think is the hardest thing about de-cluttering?  How do you keep going?

Until next time, Tawney x


De-cluttering the paper mountain — 6 Comments

  1. The things I find hardest to deal with are waiting for the stuff I’ve sorted to actually leave the house, charity bags are not too bad as we have a regular collection but things that need to go to the tip – old electrical items to be recycled, bits of wood and flooring, that kind of thing. Also things that aren’t mine but need to be dealt with. DH stashes it all in his wardrobe and it drives me insane!

    How I stay motivated now is to remember how bad my house once was, that way 30 minutes of work seems like nothing compared to 8-12 hour days every day for the best part of a year. Also not to have a perfect plan because they always go awry. I have a set of minimum jobs I need to do each day (rabbits, laundry, washing up, make beds, two minute tidy) then add in a couple of extra cleaning/declutter sessions. If I end up doing more than that, great, if not then I’ve done something and that’s better than nothing. (Sorry for the long comment, can you tell it’s a pet subject of mine?)

  2. BOX FILES are one answer. After opening, I put all the “stuff” that needs dealing with, and not recycling, into a box file – which keeps it tidy and out of harm’s way. Then when I’m feeling like it, (at least once a week) I go through it and deal with it. That way the credit card bills etc. are kept up to date. I realise there is only me to consider in this household – but perhaps a different coloured box file for each member of the family would be an idea and their post, notices etc. could be put in their box to be dealt with and be their responsibility. Of course it does mean having a box file visible in a living area – but it is easily portable and visible.

    When I worked in a busy office this was THE WAY to organise the young professionals – and if it was in their BOX then THEY had to deal with

    • We do that too, we give things a “space budget” if it can be crammed into that space then fine, but when the area is full it has to be dealt with because allowing it to spill over just isn’t allowed!

  3. Well done Tawney.

    I find the hardest thing is keeping the momentum going. I start off all enthusiastic and then, half way through my chosen clear out, I get bored and start to just stuff things back any old how – completely defeating the object of what I was wanting to do.

    So I do it in small stages. Our bedroom needs a good clear out but instead of trying to tackle the whole room in one go I will do areas of it – I have already done the cupboard behind the shower room and the cupboard above it. My next part is the storage section in the eaves before I move onto the worst area – the little anti-room at the entrance to the loft storage.

    I shall do the same thing with all the other rooms. It might take me longer to do it but at least I know that it will have been done thoroughly, rather than half heartedly!

  4. The thing I find hardest about decluttering is the textile stuff I have gathered over the years; I can’t possibly use it all but can’t decide what I could do without. ALready given loads of it away, just left with the hard core of it which is a lot.

    The other thing about decluttering is the fact I keep having to do it! BUT! I now have a proper folder , spent half the week end making it up, with pockets to put those floating bits of paper that don’t have a home.All part of my major effort at getting organised!

  5. Well done, you will get there.
    I have trouble deciding which of the children’s pictures to keep/throw. I have got better at this and don’t keep very many anymore. However I know there are a couple of big boxes of them in the attic. I will organise up there later this year.