Trying to unwind

Hello Friends,

I’ve got this week off as I’ve got to use up some leave before 31st March.  My plans for the week have changed due to the weather and I’m trying to do things to help me unwind and relax.

I went for a walk this morning through the woods to the next village.  There is a little shop there that sells my favourite yoghurts.  These are from Longley Farm near Holmfirth,  and they are just the best ever – not too sweet.  When I’ve tried supermarket ones since, they just taste like sugar and nothing else.

The walk through the woods was beautiful.  Quite a few trees had fallen, probably due to a combination of high winds and heavy snow.

After lunch I thought I would try and relax by reading a book.  This has proved harder than I expected.  I found it incredibly difficult to concentrate.  A lot of my job involves reading and research, but I think because I’m always multi-tasking, my mind is always flitting around.  I’ve forgotten how to focus on one thing.  There is also an element of guilt at sitting down and doing nothing.  There’s always a little voice saying “You should be doing something”.

No matter, I am determined to persevere and learn how to step off the hamster wheel.

What do or would you do with a free week at home in bad weather?

Until next time, Tawney x


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  1. Ikwym about reading. I’m only just getting back to it for recreation rather than just looking for information. I started by just promising myself I’d focus for 10 pages making sure I read each work and didn’t skim read. That helped me to slow right down and get into the story.

    I used to be unable to relax so I had to start forcing myself to do it, to the extent that I’d make sure I couldn’t see the time or have anything around that could allow me to guess how much time had gone by – no phone when I went out for a walk, no tv on when I was puttering round the house. That helped me a lot.

    If I had a snow week at home I’d dig out a dvd boxset, do some quilting, plenty of yoga and go for afternoon naps. Have fun!