A quick paper de-clutter

Hello Friends,

I’ve got a lot of ‘home admin’ jobs hanging over me at the moment.  I’m saving up the joys of Bee applying for student finance until the weekend (memories of two hours on the computer with Edie are etched into my memory).  Tonight I decided I had to find Edie’s tenancy agreement for next year so either she or I can set up the standing order – either way, OH and I will be paying her rent when she comes back to the UK for her final year at uni.

This was a job I’d been putting off for several days.  I had a vague idea of where the agreement was.  I have a shelf with lots of folders and a couple of magazine files on it.  I tend to stuff things that I don’t know what to do with in them and on the shelf.

I decided the best way to find what I wanted was to work my way through the magazine boxes and then along the shelf and this would be an opportunity to go through all the paper clutter.  I spent about an hour going through everything.  I got rid of loads of bits of old paper for recycling and shredding, reducing two magazine boxes to one.  Even better, just as I finished the second box, I found the tenancy agreement on the shelf.

I did a little bit more, but then decided to stop while I was ahead.  By this stage I had about half a dozen different piles of paper – things I wanted to keep like photos, cards, school reports and concert programmes, recycling, shredding, bills, bank statements and important bits of paper like my job contract from when I was promoted about 18 months ago.

I allowed myself enough time to deal with all these piles rather than getting overwhelmed and forced myself to make decisions about everything and put it all away at the end of the session.  I ended up recycling lots more than I expected, and I’m thinking about starting a scrapbook for the things I want to keep so that they are in one place rather than constantly floating around the house.

How do you deal with paper clutter?

Until next time, Tawney x


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  1. I try and deal with it as I go along. All bills go in a rack near the phone. I then sit down each month to write cheques/go online to pay them and make a note of the date and amount I paid. As I go through the rack I come across the bill that was paid last month and I take this out and put it in a pile. This pile then gets put next to the fire and either burnt or taken to work with me to be shredded (when there is a pile of them). That means that I always have the last bill paid.

    Other things that come in – contracts, etc – get put in a cupboard on top of my filing boxes. I would like to say I file every month or so but I don’t – its more like once a year (okay, once every two years) but at least I know where everything is – sitting on the filing box waiting to be put away.

    We have a drawer for anything connected with the business and all bills and receipts go in there and I go through and deal with them on a monthly basis.

    I am determined, when I decorate the dining room, to have a big clear out of my filing boxes and scan lots of things in and make notes of insurance numbers and details, passport numbers, etc on the computer so that I have all the information in one place should I need it.