Food goes up

Hello Friends,

Is it my imagination or are food prices going up and up?

I had a few months where I though I was getting on top of the food bill, and in fact it was dropping, but this month I’ve just done my figures and we seem to be spending just as much as before.  I’ve used up almost everything in the freezer and cupboard, I’ve batch cooked and we still seem to be spending more.

I’m beginning to think it might be worth driving to a cheaper supermarket, but I’ve got to factor in the cost of fuel and the car general running costs and my time, which is very limited.

One thing I am going to do this next month is to make a more comprehensive meal plan.  The idea is that this will stop me from emergency trips to the shops.  I also want to vary our diet a bit more, rather than just doing the same old things because they are easy.

Have you been able to keep your food costs down over recent months?  Have you changed your food shopping habits?

Until next time, Tawney x


Food goes up — 4 Comments

  1. Prices are definitely on the up. I have started to shop around more instead of just going to the main supermarket in town for ease.

    I tend to now go to get my basics from the frozen food shop (I don’t buy the frozen food but their basics like bread, sugar, milk, etc are much cheaper than the supermarket), then onto the hardware type store for my cleaning products, toiletries, etc. Then onto the butchers for my meat and the market for my veg before finally ending up in the smaller of our two supermarkets where I am less likely to spend as much.

    I have also started to do a monthly run to a larger town where I go to two cheaper stores. One to stock up on cleaning products and tins and the other to stock up on biscuits.

    It’s more time consuming but definitely cheaper.

  2. Have you noticed that amounts are getting smaller for the same price as former larger amounts? I haven’t put that very well – but I hope you know what I mean. I have noticed this with other things and not just food. I buy babywipes because they are handy – the packets used to contain 72, now they contain 64. The retailers are still making their profits. I can understand vegetables being more expensive because of the terrible weather. I don’t resent buying “British” for we must keep the farmers going – though English tomatoes in the supermarket are so much more expensive than those from Holland (but the English ones taste so much better).xx

    • I’ve noticed that with things like fruit juice, a bottle used to be 1l and now they’re 900ml. I’m sure there are other things too. Another thing I’ve noticed is how chocolate tastes different, far sweeter and with a vanilla flavour, I think the amount of cocoa might have changed. Still, it means I’m not eating chocolate these days!

  3. Cauliflower! £1.70 for a cauliflower. Yikes, I know it’s due to the bad weather but just wow! I haven’t noticed that the usual stuff we buy has gone up recently but I noticed it week by week towards the end of last year. Every time we went to the shops there was 1-5p added to many things. There is the law of diminishing returns (or whatever) too, when cutting back is a new thing there are savings to be had everywhere but as you go on you’re more aware of prices and there’s less cash to be saved.

    I’m going to defend lack of variety a little bit. I think a lot of the time when people menu plan there’s this feeling of the need to have a more exciting list. I think that’s overrated, things being easy is a positive, not something saying you’re lazy. Preparing family favourites is a treat, not boring! I try to add a few things in each month that we haven;t had for ages or haven’t had before but things crop up time and again for a reason – because they’re delicious!