Hoping for more fruit and veg

Hello Friends,

I’m back again – had a bit of “stuff” going on over the last couple of weeks including a break in to our garage.  Bee’s bike was stolen and this has left us all a bit out of sorts and rattled and not up to posting.  Several other outbuildings locally were targetted – we always think we are safer in the country, but we are now looking at increased security.

Life is getting back to normal now and here in Derbyshire things are just beginning to grow.  I think everything is about 3/4 weeks behind last year.  My runner beans, pumpkins and tomatoes have all germinated.  The rhubarb and blackcurrant bushes I put in a couple of weeks ago have taken and are beginning to grow.

IMGP3393 IMGP3394I want to put some more tomatoes in and some courgettes as soon as I get 5 minutes to do this.

The plum trees are beginning to come into blossom.  Each day there seems to be a little bit more, and I’m hoping we will have a better harvest this year.  Last year I didn’t get a single plum off the trees, whereas the year before I was able to make enough jam to last for months and months and gave some away.

IMGP3392How are your fruit trees looking?

Until next time, Tawney x


Hoping for more fruit and veg — 2 Comments

  1. We had a disastrous plum and damson year in 2012 too. But thus year the blossom is spectacular and the weather is warm so that the bees are out and about and doing their bit. So fingers crossed for a great stone fruit year! ( the apple blossom isn’t out yet, but there looks to be plenty of tight buds waiting)