Focus on the cleaning

Hello Friends,

At the moment I’ve got loads of energy and I’m making the most of it.  I’m really determined to get on top of the house once and for all so I’ve spent today doing some deep cleaning.

I spent an hour cleaning the cooker this afternoon.  I just used some bicarbonate of soda mixed up with lemon juice.  This gets all those brown spatters off the glass and cleans the inside nicely.  You have to use loads of elbow grease, but it works well.  I have used oven cleaners in the past, but to no greater success, and I don’t like the idea of using something noxious near food.

Next I went on to the shower and gave this a thorough clean too so that the tiles, tray and showerhead are all gleaming.  We’ve now got 4 of us at home again – Edie is back from her year abroad and both she and Bee will be helping out in bringing things under control and keeping the home clean and tidy.

It might be a funny way of spending a Saturday afternoon, but it’s nice to know I’ve got just a couple of areas sorted out at last.

What are your favourite home cleaning remedies?

Until next time, Tawney x


Focus on the cleaning — 2 Comments

  1. Oven door glass is very tough so you can likely use some oven cleaner and spray and wipe. If the stain is stubborn, try spraying some water or put some dish soap on the stain and using superfine stainless steel, wipe the stain off. The soap acts like a lubricant minimizing the scratches on the surface you are cleaning while getting the benefit of to scraping action on the stain. Always remember to test a small area first before using a chemical or technique you have not used before on the surface you are cleaning.

  2. I hate the smell of oven cleaning products. Bicarb is great for me. I keep a spray bottle of bicarb and water as a fabric refresher, great for curtains and upholstery, gets rid of any smells.