Bank holiday de-clutter

Hello Friends,

This bank holiday weekend I’ve done all sorts of things – I’ve been for a walk round Frugal Hill, I’ve met up with friends, I’ve even sat down and read a book for the first time in ages!  I’ve also done some de-cluttering.  This has been inspired by Edie, who has just returned from Canada and has been clearing out her room bit by bit.

I haven’t spent hours and hours on sorting things out, I’ve just picked one small area, worked at it for a bit, then done something else and come back to it again.  The back of my car now has a rubbish sack and three large carrier bags full of clothes, books, bags and rags.

Letting go of books is always a bit of a challenge for me.  I love books, but when I started looking at our bookcases, it was clear that there were many which were never going to be looked at again.  These were mostly paper back fiction and “coffee table” books – interesting for a flick through, but not much use after that.  One or two of the paperbacks were so old that the glue on the spines had gone and all the pages fell out when I took them off the shelves.

So I feel I’ve made a good start this weekend.  I’m now working from a place of thinking about what I really need around me and junking the rest.

What do you find hardest to let go of?

Until next time, Tawney x


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