Using up left over veg and substituting ingredients

Hello Friends

I’ve started my batch cooking for the week this evening.  While tonight’s fish pie was cooking in the oven, I got on with making a vegetable stew for tomorrow.

We seemed to have a lot of odds and ends of veg left at the moment including quite a lot of sweet potatoes.  I looked through my books and found a recipe for a sweet potato gumbo in a vegetarian cookery book I was given last Christmas.

The recipe also call for okra – I went everywhere this morning trying to find some, but couldn’t get any anywhere.  In the end, I’ve substituted baby corn.  I often substitute ingredients if I don’t have what is called for – most of the time it’s ok, just occasionally it all goes horribly wrong.

I’ve now used up half of the sweet potatoes and some cabbage which was just beginning to wilt a bit.  I have another recipe which I’m going to cook tomorrow to use up the rest of the sweet potatoes.

I’ve also found that keeping basic ingredients in the house means I can make a meal from odds and ends.  I always have dried herbs and spices, tinned tomatoes, onions and vegetable stock – these all went in the gumbo.  Other useful ingredients include mayonnaise – on Friday, I just mixed a few left over boiled potatoes up with mayo and some chives (we’ve got a pot growing on the patio).

Do you substitute ingredients?  What have been your best and worst experiences of substituting?

Until next time, Tawney x

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