Making do until the end of the month

Hello Friends,

Some months I do ok.  This month has not been one of them and I’ve not been able to live up to my frugal aspirations.

We’ve been on holiday although we did stick to our budget.  I’ve had the car fixed after I scraped it on wall.  I’ve paid a couple of big bills off and will need to buy some cheap pots and pans for the girls when they go off to uni.  We’ve had one or two financial mishaps such as Bee missing her train for which she had an advance ticket booked.  It wasn’t her fault she missed it, but we ended up having to buy a full price ticket for the next train an hour later – ouch.

Today I scraped around in the food cupboard and just made up some pasta with tomato and tuna sauce.  I’m going to do a food audit and see if I can get to the end of next week spending as little as possible on food.  I’ve got loads of tins and dried food and stuff in the freezer so it’s time to get creative.

I’m just hanging on for the next 10 days.  How do you keep yourself motivated when faced with a long haul to the end of the month?

Until next time, Tawney x


Making do until the end of the month — 2 Comments

  1. Hi,

    Those pesky cars, we had to pay out for some things for ours right at the start of our break. Typical!

    I find it easier to deal with enforced frugality. If there’s no money then there’s no money and that’s it, I always feel I have more time to flop around reading a book or to get some stuff ticked off the to-do list. I struggle more when it’s frugal though choice, when I tell myself I’m not going to spend even though there’s money in the budget. I’m far more likely to rebel then.

  2. I’m in the same position this month having just returned from holiday.

    Fortunately the larder and freezer are well stocked so I should only need to buy bread and milk and petrol for the car.