Another one makes it to university

Hello Friends,

Along with lots of other 18 year olds in the UK, Bee got her ‘A’ level results yesterday.  She logged on to Track at 7.30 am to find that she had been accepted at her first choice university, Cardiff, to read geology.

There’s going to be a lot to sort out over the next four weeks and a bit of money will have to be spent.  Luckily we have had the experience of one child going to university already, so here are my tips for anyone else going this autumn:

  1. Buy cheap duvets, pillows and bedlinen.  If it comes home at the end of the year, it will all be squashed and probably have had beer, food and ink spilled on it.  Edie’s duvet ended up in the bin – it is not worth dry cleaning cheap duvets.
  2. Buy cheap pots, pans, crockery and glasses.  You will almost certainly never see them again.  We didn’t.
  3. Laptops can be bought on ebay – a re-conditioned laptop is just as good as a new one.
  4. Encourage the new student to learn to batch cook and freeze to save money.
  5. Be aware that financial disasters will happen and let the new student learn from them rather than jumping in to bail them out.  Edie lost her room key within 20 minutes of arriving at her hall of residence in her first year.  OH and I sent her off to security to get another one which cost her – not us – £20.  I thought this would teach her the lesson not to lose her key again.  It did…until she dropped her key down the lift shaft a few months later.

What frugal tips would you give to your new student?

Until next time, Tawney x


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  1. Find a little book by Alvin Hall. Unfortunately I had to wait until I was 59 to discover it!! It has helped me enormously and if I can understnad it then ……….x