Where are the sloes?

Hello Friends,

I’ve been walking around and over Frugal Hill over the last few days, gathering blackberries to make jam.

Last weekend, we were in the south at OH’s parents.  We went for a walk along the canal and the trees were absolutely laden with hawthorns and sloes, and there were blackberries everywhere.  Great, I thought, I’ll get out gathering next weekend.

Well, I’ve had some success with blackberries, but the sloes up here in the north have been more elusive.

SloesAt the top of Frugal Hill there is a whole thicket of blackthorn – but I only picked about 150g from one tree yesterday, all the others were completely bare of fruit.  I went out again this morning and took a different route, examining blackthorn trees and hedgerows, but without any luck, until I found two trees next to each other that were laden.  How wierd is that?

The only explanation I can think of is that we had a very cold and long winter – spring came later here.  The trees which had the sloes were in a bit of a sun trap.

Have you found any sloes this year?

Until next time, Tawney x

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