Step by step on the clear out

Hello Friends,,

I have been pressing on with the clear out over the last week or so.  Sometimes I look at it all and feel completely overwhelmed, but I think I have found a way through.  I pick a small area, de-clutter it and then stop.  After doing this for a week, I’m beginning to see a difference.

This afternoon I tackled a huge pile of shredding.  I also cleared a table in the play room.  Most of what was on it went into the re-cycling, rubbish or in a bag for the charity shop.

What I’ve noticed over the last week is how much of the clutter consists of paper.  It’s one thing to clear it out and shred it, but from now on, I will need to stop it accumulating in the first place.  So newspapers and magazines go out the minute they’ve been read, receipts get shredded or filed an post will have to be dealt with the day it is received, with envelopes recycled straight away.  Whether I can keep this up and change my habits is now the challenge.

How do you deal with paper clutter?

Until next time, Tawney x


Step by step on the clear out — 2 Comments

  1. The only way is daily. Open and either recycle or deal with. The longest it takes is 15 minutes and just think of the agony you will avoidxxx

  2. I hate dealing with paper. First thing I did was to get rid of the letter rack so nothing could hang around waiting to be dealt with. I open the post over the recycling bin so all the bits I don’t need can be chucked asap. I file stuff every Friday as part of my Friday “get the dining table cleared” routine and I have a look round for papers and magazines the day the recycling is to be collected so that keeps on top of things without having to constantly think about it.