Frugal Christmas presents

Hello Friends,

Now I know it’s only just the beginning of November, but I’m trying to get organised ahead of Christmas.  I’m still working on de-cluttering the playroom so that we can have extra space, but I’m also thinking about what I’m going to give to people.

I want avoind giving people more ‘stuff’ to clutter up their living spaces, so I’m going to do the same as I did two years ago and make Christmas presents.  The sloe gin is already on the go and will be ready by Christmas, although it will taste even better if everyone can hang on before drinking it.

Starting it offI’ve made jam for presents before, so this year I decided to do something different.  I’ve found a couple of recipes for farmhouse pickle and a spicy chutney.  These look to be reasonably easy – I had almost all the ingredients for the pickle apart from a swede, and I made it last week for next to nothing.  It has to sit in the dark for a few weeks, so it’s keeping the sloe gin company in the cupboard.  As for the chutney, I’ll be using up some green beans and a romanescu cauliflower which came in the veg box last week, so again, I haven’t had to buy anything special for it.

Are you making your Christmas presents this year?  What are you making?

Until next time, Tawney x


Frugal Christmas presents — 3 Comments

  1. Hi! I am also working on removing clutter my home. It seems to be a constant work in progress. I do enjoy organizing, though.
    I have mostly bought the Christmas presents for this year, but plan to do some baking, jar gifts & gift baskets as well. I love your idea to not give things that will become clutter in other homes. So inspiring!

    I would love for you to visit my blog when you have time. Blessings!

  2. I am making my usual hampers for family. I have made jams throughout the year (although I don’t think I have enough varieties so I need to get a move on!) and will put them in a small hamper. This year I have even printed lovely labels to go on them.

    I want to get some other bits and pieces too and noticed that Lidl have a really good range of biscuits, stollen, etc in so will start buying bits and pieces to top the hampers up.

  3. I agree…Less cluttery type gifts and more useful! My husband and I are making some of our gifts as well…My aunt and some others who love to feed the birds will get a new bird feeder made from recycled wood…It will be a square with a circle cut out, a wire fed thru the middle in which to spear and hold an apple or an orange, and it will have a small “roof” over top…I enjoy reading your blog…I am very much a minimalist as well as my husband and sons…So, I am cheering you on big-time on your big clearout!!! Keep it up 🙂