More frugal decorations

Hello Friends,

For the last few years I’ve made a Christmas wreath for the front door.  I’ve used the same base which is made of twigs, and the greenery comes from the garden.  We’re lucky enough to have a variegated holly bush in the garden.  There weren’t many berries on it this year, but the green and gold look lovely.  I picked up few decorations being sold off cheaply in the local florists, and here is this year’s effort…

IMGP3900Now the play room is looking a bit better, I decided to decorate the mantel piece.  I looked up how to make a garland on the internet and throught it would be easy…it took me quite a bit longer than I thought and I now have very prickled hands.

I bought some cord from a builders’ merchants for a couple of pounds and wired on some holly, ivy and some of the gold baubles I had left over from the wreath – 50p for 10 balls wasn’t bad!  I might add some tinsel, but I didn’t want it to look overwhelming, I was trying for a natural look.  I tried to follow some of the rules such as odd numbers.  Here is the result….

IMGP3899All the foliage came from the garden, so these two decorations have cost me together around £3.50.

What decorations have you been making?

Until next time, Tawney x


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