Cutting down on cold windows by making blinds

Hello Friends,

We live in an old house with lots of single glazed windows.  Some of the windows have the original wavy  Victorian glass, so we’ve tried to preserve this wherever possible.  Other than the odd window which has been replaced, we don’t have double or secondary glazing and have no plans put any in.

We have been tackling our heating bills which have got a bit out of control over the last couple of years.  We switched providers last month from one of the big 6 and will save several hundreds of £££s this year.  With Edie and Bee both now at university, our fuel bills have plummeted.  It does make sense to carry on trying to save wherever we can so I’m now trying to stop heat from escaping.

One of our doors just has single glazed panes in it, and as you come into the hall you can feel the cold air just washing through it – it’s freezing.  I’ve been planning to make a blind for a while and I finally got round to it this weekend.

I measured up for the blind and used two pieces of fabric with and old piece of thick sheet in the middle to provide extra insulation.     IMGP3915IMGP3916I sewed three sides together…

IMGP3917…then put some velcro along the top…

IMGP3919and added some tapes which will be used to tie up the blind.  I put the other piece of velcro on to a thin strip of wood which I hooked on to two nails on the door as I didn’t want to stick the velcro on to the door permanently.

This is the finished blind rolled up…

IMGP3920…and unrolled.

IMGP3921The blind has worked incredibly well to reduce the draught through the door – the difference is amazing.  As it has worked so well, I’m going to make thick blinds for some of the other windows as well.  I might have a go at Roman blinds, but these look a bit more complicated.

Have you made insulated blinds or curtains for your home?

Until next time, Tawney x


Cutting down on cold windows by making blinds — 4 Comments

  1. That looks fab Tawney.

    I am about to hang a door curtain at our back door. The curtain rake is up and my mum in law got some curtains from the charity shop she volunteers at. However I got the curtain out of the bag today and it looks as though I am going to have to sew the two together to make one as I had assumed they were long curtains – they are not.

    My sewing machine skills are not brilliant – I may have to call on a friendly neighbour for help. One who is very good at making insulated blinds …….. 😉

  2. This looks brilliant. I have been considering doing something similar myself, as I realise that I am heating up my living room with my woodburning stove – I cut the wood myself which takes a lot of effort – and then loads of the heat escapes through the windows! The curtains I have are pretty, but not heavy enough. I had been wondering how to do this…..and now I know! Best wishes, Amanda

    • Thank you – if you can get hold of a light blanket or old wincyette sheet that will do the trick for the insulation, the actual curtain fabric is medium weight. As with clothing, it seems layers work well.