Slimming down the wardrobe

Hello Friends,

Over Christmas I had a few days off and continued my big de-clutter by clearing out my wardrobe.

I keep the current season’s clothes in my main wardrobe, while the ‘off’ season (in this case summer) clothes live in an under bed zip bag.  I have another bag in which I keep ‘occasion clothes’ e.g. the black dress, the outfit for going to weddings and a few things which get re-circulated for Christmas parties.

I took everything out of the wardrobe and bags and had a long hard look at it and asked myself some questions.  Did it fit?  Did I like it?  Was it a mistake buy? Had I worn it in the last year?  Was it old and tired?

The clothes I let go included a couple of tatty and faded T shirts, a burgundy blouse (ugh!) and some very tired jumpers.

Next I went through my jewellery box and added some necklaces and bracelets which haven’t been worn in years to the pile.  It’s so easy to accumulate stuff and then forget you have it.

The result now is that I can see everything I have in my wardrobe and it’s all organised.  What was interesting is that this exercise also showed me where I need to replace clothes.  For instance, two of my work blouses (bought from a charity shop) are now very tired so I will be looking out for replacements.  I could also do with another long sleeved T shirt top.  What’s interesting is that I couldn’t see this until I had a clear out – with everything piled in the wardrobe, I just rummaged around all the time among clothes I didn’t wear.

How do you organise your clothes?  Do you have regular clear outs?

Until next time, Tawney x


Slimming down the wardrobe — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve just revamped my wardrobe. Even though I try to buy items that go together it hasn’t been working recently (if I’m honest that’s mainly down to the huge amount of weight I’ve put on since August). So I bought about a dozen things and it’s given new life to some old things as well as providing me with lovely new things I can wear instead of having a wardrobe full of clothes that made me feel guilty now I’m fatter!

    Best wishes for the new year.

  2. Hi Tawny,
    I need to fit out my wardobe again, so I shall be visiting the charity shops in a town a few miles away where there are lots of big expensive houses with huge landscaped gardens – in short, RICH people. They give excellent quality clothes away to the charity shops and I profit from their largesse!
    By the way, have you eaten all your Christmas cake? You promised a photo of it after you iced it. 😉

  3. Hi Tawny, I haven’t visited in a long time but it’s great to hear you’re still working away at decluttering. I usually go through my closet when the seasons change and donate anything I’m not wearing or throw away/recycle clothes that have seen better days. I work at home so my wardrobe it pretty casual (yoga pants and jeans) with a few dresses and dress pants thrown in for church, going out, etc.

    Hope you had a great Christmas.

    • Hi Sandra, we had a lovely Christmas, hope you did too. It definitely sounds as if going through the closets regularly (at least twice a year) is the way to go to keep on top of things.