Spending a bit more for something which lasts longer

Hello Friends,

I’ve had my hand mixer for 20 years.  About a year ago, it began to fall apart and make some funny noises.  I bought a cheap mixer in a supermarket.  I never really got on with it.  It was very heavy and the switch was very stiff.  However, I’d spent my money and I wouldn’t replace it until I needed to.

The point of replacing it came rather quicker than I expected when it expired just outside the guarantee period.  I decided I’d learned my lesson and would look for a mixer similar to my original one.  It took a bit of hunting down but eventually I found one which was the same make and clealy just an updated model.  It cost £22, around £8 more than the supermarket equivalent, but to me that is worth it, particularly if it lasts for the next 20 years.

Do you think it is worth stretching to pay a bit more for better quality?  Or have you ever bought something you didn’t think would last and it’s gone on for ever?

Until next time, Tawney x


Spending a bit more for something which lasts longer — 4 Comments

  1. I think it depends, inexpensive doesn’t have to mean inferior and expensive doesn’t automatically mean quality, imo.

    Our way of living changes over the years so if something happens to move us away from a particular hobby or way of doing things then the expensive item that was the best thing to get at that time “because it would last forever” has the potential to become an expensive thing that’s hanging around the house even though we don’t want it because we paid “good money” for it.

    I think the thing is we don’t know what’s worth the money until we use it ourselves, know the strengths and limitations, only then do we know whether it was a really good buy. I am now of course thinking about the Dyson I bought as everyone was raving about how amazing they were, I hated it and it was a really expensive doorstop until I could get rid of it.

  2. I used to think cheaper was always better, but with designed obsolescence now being a factor with much of todays everyday products I think paying more for better quality definitely has its merits, A few years ago I paid over £400 for a vitamix blender. IT has a 7 year warranty and there are reviews all over the internet of people having had them well over a decade with no problems. I use it everyday, usually more than once and I’m really glad I went for quality!

  3. I had a microwave for ages which eventually packed up and I replaced it with a supermarket version. I still have this supermarket version, but I don’t like it and it doesn’t really cut the mustard so as far as I am concerned it is on its way out and I am going to buy a newer version of the “old model”.