Computer stuff

Hello Friends,

I’ve been out of action on my laptop for a couple of days while I’ve been ‘upgraded’ from Windows XP to Windows 7.  We had a long discussion at home about whether to install Linux as the operating system when XP is no longer supported.  Linux is a free operating system and OH has installed it on one of the old computers which we just use to run the radio in the kitchen, but it doesn’t work with some programmes, and looking at the various applcations I run on my laptop, it wasn’t an option so we bought Windows 7.

I am, however, continuing to use Open Office which is free to download.  This has word processing and spreadsheets, and I first downloaded it when I first bought my laptop nearly 7 years ago.  I guess if you wanted extra features, you would probably invest in Microsoft Office or something similar, but I’ve never found that I’ve needed anything other than what it available with Open Office.

Have you used open source (free) software?  How have you got on with it, and what are you favourite applications?

Until next time, Tawney x

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