The Brain Drain

Hello Friends,

I’ve written a few times about having children at university and the costs involved, which in the UK are now colossal.  This summer, Edie graduates with her degree in modern languages.

Luckily she has got a job – in Uzbekistan.  She’s going to be working as a teaching assistant for a year.  She debated about whether to do a masters degree straight away or whether to go and work abroad for a while.  She’s only 21, has no ties and wanted to do something different.

I think it will be a great experience for her.  She had a fantastic year abroad, made lots of friends and learned to get on in a different cultures.  It also means I will have at least one year off from supporting two children at university.

I started thinking about other graduates I know of on Frugal Hill and whether they have been successful in gaining employment straight from university.  I then realised something odd – of 5 that I know of in our road (including Edie) all 5 have gone to work abroad, one in Japan, three in China and Edie in Tashkent.

Is this because of the difficulties younger people have getting into the job market here?  I don’t know if Edie would have found something here.  She applied for one job and got it, and had already decided she wanted to work abroad.

Have you or your children graduated and then worked abroad?  Was this because you couldn’t find work in your own country?

Until next time, Tawney x


The Brain Drain — 2 Comments

  1. Don’t forget yet another Frugal Hill graduate – in Brazil. It does seem our youngsters like to roam. Perhaps the tough walks to school in their early years make them resilientxxx

  2. I really feel for youngsters looking for decent work these days, and for their families who have struggled to put them through further education. What have we come to, here in the UK? It is a disgraceful state of affairs, the cost of education.

    Both my sons worked abroad initially, though I think it is excellent experience. Hopefully your daughter will be able to find a good job here in the UK when she is ready to return.