Getting stuck with stuff

Hello Friends,

I posted about the return of the girls from uni for the summer on Monday, and suddenly clutter and stuff seem to be on my mind.

I’ve visited a couple of friends’ houses recently and it has struck me how calm the atmosphere in them is.  I think it was because there was simply less stuff around.  To be honest, I never feel all that calm at home.  There is stuff everywhere and it’s as if it is all working away to distract me.

Last autumn I did a lot of clearing in the playroom as you will have seen here:

IMGP3894At the moment, the playroom is full of suitcases, books, hard hats and all the other typical student belongings. Both girls are working on having a big clear out of all their old clothes so all this stuff should go upstairs soon.

I started thinking about how we’ve ended up with all this stuff.  We have lots of hobbies and interests between us.  So as we all play at least one instrument, there are guitars, flutes, a piano, violin, and clarinet together with all the accompanying music.  We love books although I am beginning to weed out those we wouldn’t read again or want to keep for reference.  Bee and I are into crafty things, so there are bags of material, wool and drawing materials.

I think OH and I still remember our grandparents attitude from the war years – you didn’t throw things away in case they came in handy.  Unfortunately, that means we both find it hard to let things go.

When I was on holiday last week, I found a to do list from 2009.  One of the items on it read: ‘Move bookcase, filing cabinet and bedside cabinet out of bedroom.’  These three pieces of furniture do not belong in our bedroom, they have just been squeezed in there because there is nowhere else to put them.  They are still there five years after I wrote the list…

I’m not sure quite how to get unstuck at the moment.  I am taking several large sacks to the charity shop on Saturday as a start, and I am being much more ruthless about not letting stuff in the house and throwing things out.

Have you managed to conquer your clutter problem once and for all?  How did you do it?

Until next time, Tawney x

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