Weekend clear out

Hello Friends,

Well I can see the floor in the play room again.  We’ve now moved all of Edie’s stuff upstairs to her room and she will have to sort out what she needs next week.   She had all four wisdom teeth out this week and is still a bit sore, so I’ve not chased her too much.

It’s been quite a long day de-cluttering, but I kept taking breaks and coming back to it.  The landing is now clear.  I’ve moved loads of stuff up to the loft, including some Christmas stuff I should have put away months ago.  I’ve managed to find a temporary home for the girls’ suitcases in our bedroom.

What was interesting was that while I was working, I heard rustling in Bee’s bedroom.  When I put my head round her door, she was busy sorting through her stuff.  When she had finished, we had one full rubbish sack, a bag of rags for the charity shop and two bags of clothes and books to go as well.  A couple of storage boxes have emerged which I will be able to use to store things elsewhere in the house.

It’s interesting how we all seem to be becoming more ruthless with letting go of stuff.  The challenge now is going to be stopping more stuff coming into the house.

Have you managed to change your habits and stop stuff coming into the house?  How did you do it?

Until next time, Tawney x


Weekend clear out — 3 Comments

  1. May I have first refusal on any thrillers you are throwing out? I promise to send them to your favourite charity shop when they have been read.

  2. Well done Tawney.

    We never get cluttered really as I’m too ruthless. If it’s not put away it goes in the bin.

    My filing, medicine cabinet, toiletries and baking equipment are in a horrific mess though. It’s because I can put them in a cupboard and forget about them!