Funny shaped fruit and saving money

Hello Friends,

I’m always trying to shop for food as cheaply as I can.  I am a great believer in cooking from scratch whenever I can and this saves a lot of money.  There are some things I won’t compromise on such as tea bags 🙂

The supermarkets have led us to believe that all fruit and veg must be of the same size and perfectly formed.  This isn’t the case – fruit and veg can be in all shapes and sizes and still taste just as good.

If I’m not able to get to the market, I will always rummage around the basics ranges to find what I want.  I love having a few bits of fresh fruit on my breakfast.  Here are some grapes and blueberries I bought the other day: IMGP4051

There is no difference in taste at all between them and the ‘perfect’ product.  The only differences I could see were that:

a) the fruits are different sizes

b) they cost around half the price of the ‘perfect’ fruit.

What are your best finds among the basics ranges or in the market?

Until next time, Tawney x


Funny shaped fruit and saving money — 1 Comment

  1. I love the basics frozen smoothie mix.

    I am not the worlds best breakfast eater but have started to have a smoothie every day. Half a banana, a handful of the frozen smoothie fruit mix, a handful of seasonal fresh fruit and a drop of milk or yoghurt sets me up for the day.