Sale bargains

Hello Friends,

I’m not very good at sales.  I don’t like the feeling of being overwhelmed and hunting through things as if you are at a jumble sale.  I’ve also had a few sale disasters.

I have, however, had a few successful purchases in the last couple of weeks..  As you will know, Edie flies to Uzbekistan for a year on Friday.  She needed some new walking shoes – she’s had her old walking boots for about 6 years, they don’t fit properly and are split down the side.  They are also very heavy and she is on the limit of her baggage allowance.

We spotted some suitable lightweight shoes in a shop today.  As she has a only few days left here, I decided to bite the bullet, even though they were a bit on the pricey side.  When I got to the till, I found they had 20% off making them a very good buy indeed.

My second bargain has a couple of lightweight macs (the sort that pack up small in a bag) for Bee and I.  I had a lightweight Rohan mac which lasted about 10 years – I loved it, it folded up small and was very versatile.  It cost quite a bit at the time, but the length of time I owned it brought the cost per wear down considerably.  Unfortunately, I really did wear it into the ground and despite reproofing it now leaks like a sieve. The new macs were reduced to £15 in a sale, and although they probably aren’t as waterproof as my old one, they will do the job.

My final bargain was a new purse.  I’d been looking out for one for a while, and seen a particular one I liked in a sale – with a 10% discount.  However, I still felt I didn’t want to pay that price so I left it.  While I was looking for something else a few weeks later, I checked again on the purse to find it was now reduced by 50% so I snapped it up.

What have I learned from my recent sale experiences?

  • Sometimes you just get lucky, as I did with Edie’s shoes
  • Sometimes it’s worth waiting until the end of the sale to get a real bargain, as I did with the purse
  • If you are going to buy something anyway, as with the macs, it’s worth hanging on for the sales

Have you bought any real bargains in the summer sales?  What are your top tips for sales success?

Until next time, Tawney x

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