Autumn jobs

Hello Friends,

If you are in the UK I hope you are enjoying the lovely warm sunny weather we are having at the moment.

Yesterday OH and I went for a walk over the hills near here.

2014-09-27 12.09.10Having had a day out enjoying ourselves, I had to get down to a few outstanding jobs today.  We need to do a bit of house maintenance before the winter.  One of the downsides about living where we do is that it can be difficult to get hold of things without either ordering them off the internet or a 30- 40 minute car journey.

I don’t enjoy going shopping much but today I forced myself to get in the car and head off to a DIY shed for some paint, sandpaper, brushes and a new shower curtain.  After lunch I set about painting the french doors in the kitchen.  It didn’t take as long as I thought it would and now I know they are ready for the winter.  We still have some window frames to do so I hope the warm weather will hold for a bit longer.

What autumn jobs have you been doing lately?

Until next time, Tawney x

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