Playing the supermarkets at their own game for Christmas

Hello Friends,

I don’t believe it!  I lost the internet connection just as I was about to hit preview and I’ve lost the entire contents of the post…never mind, I will try again.

We usually have a few treats over Christmas including biscuits.  Today I popped into the supermarket after work and picked up a couple of packets which were on offer at £5 for the two. Then I stopped.  Partly this was because the selections were a bit top heavy on the chocolate side.  I am allergic to chocolate (really) and while I don’t mind others eating it, I like there to be a bit of balance.  Partly this was also because I wondered if I could find something similar for better value further round the store.

I made my way to the biscuit aisle and on the bottom shelf (surprise, surprise) were some packet of biscuits which not only had  a more balanced selection but also only cost £2.

I read somewhere the other day about shops charging 20% extra for ‘gift packs’.  I’ve certainly found this in the past.  I often buy a normal pack of say, shower gels, and split them up to make my own gift packs.

What tricks have you found shops playing at this time of year?

Until next time, Tawney x

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