Useful Christmas presents

Hello Friends,

Well we are nearly there with the Christmas shopping.  There has been a bit of a theme with this year’s presents: we seem to be going back to giving presents that are ‘needed’ rather than just ‘stuff’.  And we all know pretty much what we are going to get.

OH will be getting new Workmate.  His gave up the ghost in the summer after 30+ years, so it didn’t owe us anything.  Bee has asked for things which will help with her course, such as a geology hammer and a GPS thing.  I’m not entirely sure what kind of GPS thing she is after, so I’m going to wait until she comes home in just over a week to check exactly what she wants.

Edie is slightly trickier.  She is coming home for a couple of weeks, and won’t want to be taking a huge amount of things back on the plane with her.  However, she dropped her laptop within 2 days of arriving in Tashkent, so one of her presents is a replacement keyboard which OH will fit when she comes home.

My birthday is very close to Christmas.  I don’t usually like presents which cover both, simply because I don’t like my birthday to get lost.  This year, however, OH has built me up a new bike.  I will post about it soon, because it’s been done in a very cost effective way.  Luckily OH is into cycling and knows how to do this.  As this is something much bigger than I would normally have, I don’t mind at all that it’s covering both celebrations!  It will also have a lot of use – if it ever stops raining.

Are you moving towards giving ‘useful’ presents as opposed to ‘stuff’?

Until next time, Tawney x


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  1. If I can’t think of something to buy for someone (mentioning no name in particular – Father) then I’ll go for something useful. Anything to do with the garden tends to go down well. I’ve put together a hamper for my brother and his gf. They’ve just moved in together and she’s on the very steep learning curve of cooking for a vegan and becoming a non-meat eater herself, so I’ve bought them a few things to help out – especially with baking, she loves to bake and is finding it tough!

    At the other end of the spectrum, my Mum saw something in a shop that has no use other than looking cute so I’ve bought that for her. I enjoy all and any presents (other than gift vouchers) so am happy to receive virtually anything.