Resolutions for next Christmas – maybe do a bit less

Hello Friends,

Over the last couple of years I’ve challenged myself to try new things with cooking and decorating for Christmas.  Last year I made a Christmas cake for the first time ever and cooked a ham.  I also made a garland for the mantelpiece in the playroom and a wreath for the front door.

This year I decided to add making home made ice cream and cinnamon buns to the list.  The results have been variable.

I realised last weekend that although I’ve enjoyed the creative side of trying new recipes, I’ve ended up making life more complicated – not what my life on Frugal Hill is meant to be.  Each new thing has been added to the list of things I MUST DO every Christmas.

I’ve also done far more running around after other people than was perhaps good for me (a 6 hour drive from Derbyshire to London and back finished me off for Christmas day).

One of my friends has the right idea – she cooks lasagne on Christmas day 🙂

My resolutions for next Christmas are as follows:

  • Children returning from university catch the train home
  • Children returning from abroad fly to Manchester if they want a lift, or travel home by train if they fly to London
  • One meat option and one vegetarian option only will be provided for Christmas lunch and Boxing Day.
  • One pudding option only for Christmas lunch + bought ice cream
  •  No cinnamon buns or home made ice cream – that was a big mistake
  • Christmas cards will be posted / delivered by the end of the first week in December or not at all.
  • I will no longer read round robin letters of more than 1 page – 8 pages in tiny type about people I’ve never heard of is of absolutely no interest to me and will go straight in the recycling.
  • Everything must be bought online – no more grim Saturday afternoons in shopping malls.

Have you managed to simplify Christmas?  How have you managed it?

Until next time, Tawney x


Resolutions for next Christmas – maybe do a bit less — 3 Comments

  1. I have had a result already – both are returning by train to Cardiff and Heathrow respectively. Otherwise it would have been round trips on successive days which was not an appealing prospect.

  2. I am going to print this off and show it to you in December to remind you of your resolutions!

    I did very little cooking over Christmas. I stocked up on “help yourself” food – cheese, biscuits, ham, pork pie, etc and each night if the family didn’t fancy that for their tea then they had to make themselves something.

    I have had the laziest Christmas ever!!

  3. Sounds like a perfect plan. I too am thinking I will do less next Christmas, especially in the buying of presents department, as I always go a little overboard, starting in January and buying far too much by the time Christmas has come around. This year, I’m hoping for a more measured approach, that comes within budget!