How does clutter grow?

Hello Friends,

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front for the last couple of weeks – busy with work and other things.  Looking round me today I realised the house is even more out of control than usual.

I started thinking about how the clutter and disorganisation builds up when I’m busy.  I’ve noticed a couple of key areas:

  • Mornings seem to contribute vastly to the chaos.  I’m always rushing.  I often race up and down two flights of stairs between three floors time after time looking for the things I need to go to work.
  • At the the other end of the day I flop at 9 pm.  I know people who do clean their homes until late in the evening.  I just can’t do that – I get tired very suddenly and physically have to stop.  This tends to mean that if I haven’t sorted out what I need to sort by then, it won’t happen.

Things get dropped and then I’m unable to find them.  What I’m planning to do over the next few months is to get on top of the habits that are causing the problem, so my first step is really about trying to identify the hot spots and avoid doing the same thngs over and over.

However, I have also experienced the problem of losing things because I have ‘put them somewhere safe’ and then forgotten where they are.  I’ve spent hours looking for things, and now I’ve had enough of it.

What are your clutter hotspots?

Until next time,

Tawney x

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