Celebrating spring and a bracing walk on Frugal Hill

Hello Friends,

I have spent most of this weekend clearing space for when Bee gets back from university tomorrow.  We took a load of cardboard and other junk to the recycling centre yesterday morning, a bag of shoes, odd socks and clothes to the charity shop and I managed to de-clutter the landing as well.

This afternoon we decided to have a break and risk getting wet, and went on one of our favourity walks around Frugal Hill.  It was very muddy and we did get caught in a shower.  It was also very windy on top of the hill – I certainly felt I had done some exercise after that.

2015-03-29 14.47.44You can see the clouds scudding across the sky as we made our way across this field.  The other thing we noticed is how  the trees do not seem to have started going into bud even though it is nearly April.

Edie wrote about spring in Uzbekistan on her blog today.  It seems that the first day of spring is a cause for celebration over there – it certainly seems to be warmer than it is here!  You can read all about it here:


Until next time, Tawney x

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