Clearing bit by bit

Hello Friends,

I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks working on de-cluttering and tidying parts of the house.  I have been working on our bedroom – this feels like the best place to start.  If I can create a  calm space to sleep in, then I will have more energy to do other things.

I’ve broken the job down into smaller tasks.  I started by clearing all the surfaces and the floor.  This has immediately changed the atmosphere in the room: it just feels more restful.  I still have to go through the drawers and the cupboards, but I am just going to do a small amount at a time.  Each night after work, I just went upstairs and did about 15 minutes sorting and throwing out.

At the weekend I started doing a thorough clean, even dragging the bed out so I could get into every corner.  Unfortunately in my excitement I managed to blow the plug up when I pulled too hard on the wire.

It feels like I’m making real progress at last.  I even managed to find a few things which had been missing for a while such as my other thin glove and OH’s cycling bag.  The challenge now is to keep things from getting out of control again.

Have you had a spring clean?

Until next time, Tawney x


Clearing bit by bit — 2 Comments

  1. Lists! Lists are the answer! I love lists.

    I have a wipe clean board in the kitchen. It has a days of the week area – every Sunday I write what is happening with everyone on that section so I can see at a glance where everyone is. I use this to do my meal planning for the week.

    The wipe clean board has another section where I write my to do list. I currently have 8 things on my to do list – ranging from sorting out the freezers, looking out an old keyboard for a friend to doing the ironing (my pet hate). The jobs on the list range in time – the ironing will take ages, the finding of the keyboard minutes (as I know exactly where it will be). I can then pick a job to suit the time I have available.

    When I complete a job I cross it off my list. I don’t rub it off the board straight away as there is something really satisfying about looking at the board and seeing jobs crossed off! Once half the jobs are done, I rub them off and add some more.

    Today I am able to cross off two jobs – I have just sorted through the freezers (and made a list of what is in them to help with my meal planning) and later I will be calling at the tip.