Thinking ahead

Hello Friends,

I sometimes find it hard to plan ahead, especially when it is something I don’t really want to do.  I am dreadful for leaving ironing for work until Sunday night, or later (although I have now bought three cheap non iron shirts which gives me a bit of a break).  I’ve got better with not running out of food.  Living in the country means you can’t just pop round the corner to the little shop which is open late as we did when we lived in Southampton.

But – as part of my efforts to make life a bit simpler and more organised, I am trying to think ahead.  I’ve got the day off work today and rather than staying in bed for another hour, I got up at the usual time and I’ve sorted all my clothes for next week.  This is particularly important as I’ve got to catch an early train to Leeds for work on Wednesday, so I won’t want to be ironing at 5.30 am.  (I’m not that much of a morning person).  I’ve also planned some easy meals that can just come out of the freezer or be put together in 20 minutes.

I’ve planned some mini time slots to do a bit of de-cluttering and cleaning.  I’m having a go at following Fly Lady’s routines as suggested by thrift deluxe who writes at  From looking at the things I’ve got on next week, I’ve got to be realistic about what I can achieve.  That means just 15 minutes to half an hour each evening next week.  I won’t beat myself up if I can’t manage it though, I will just re-arrange to another time.

Do you ever get stuck with planning ahead?

Until next time,, Tawney x


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