Shopping is boring

Hello Friends,

I’ve somehow or other got dragged into running a 5k in October.  I do a fair bit of cycling, but I’m not really a runner.  I’ve had to start very slowly.

I’ve got two pairs of very old (10 years +) tracksuit bottoms.  They are comfy, but now have holes in them.  The event I’ve entered in is called ‘Run or Dye’ and you get blasted with colour all round so I will be wearing a pair for that after which they will go in the bin.  What I did realise was that I could probably treat myself to a new pair of joggers after 10 years.

I’ve been putting off going shopping for joggers because I just couldn’t face it and have had a lot on recently.  Yesterday I decided to get on with it and headed off to the shops armed with some M & S vouchers.  I’m always amazed at the way people walk round zombie like on a Saturday afternoon clutching bags of stuff.  I can’t get my head round shopping as a leisure activity.  It’s just boring, boring, boring.

Luckily I found some joggers in my size (not always easy as I’m quite tall) and my vouchers covered the cost.  As soon as I’d bought them, I was straight out and home again, no hanging about.

What do you think of shopping as a ‘leisure activity’?

Until next time, Tawney x


Shopping is boring — 3 Comments

  1. I can totally understand why shopping for jogging pants wouldn’t be the most exciting thing in the world! I actually don’t mind a bit of recreational shopping from time to time, weird but true. Some people like to go off for a tramp in the countryside to relax, but I’m not a countryside person (although I’m very glad it exists) so a wander around a mall for no reason whatsoever is kind of relaxing to me.

  2. We went to a shopping mall on Saturday evening (thinking it might be quieter) and I was disgusted at the state that shoppers had left one shop. There were shoes all over the floor and no room for your feet to even walk through them. People were so rude and pushed past you or refused to move as you try to get past. It made me realise why I’m generally happy to stay home on a weekend and if I ever do go to the mall, I tend to go midweek when it’s a lot quieter and more civilised.